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Freescape Camp Hatchet -

Freescape Camp Hatchet

  • $ 4999

The Freescape Camp Hatchet uses a forged steel head that's world class in strength and a design that ensures efficient and reliable chopping. It can tackle a myriad of campsite duties; create kindling for the fire, pound in tent stakes, or make a primitive shelter with ease.

Coated with a low-friction surface, the hardened blade slices through wood at a greater than average depth, allowing for faster chopping and maximum overall performance efficiency. The Freescape Camp Hatchet is a rough, ready and clever tool in the Gerber Freescape series. Additionally, when not protecting its blade, the sheath conveniently stores in the handle.

  • Forged steel head
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Composite handle with soft over mold is comfortable, extremely durable and lightweight
  • Sheath stores in handle during use
  • Length is 17.3 Inch; weighs 34.6 oz

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