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About Us

The hearth is a traditional symbol of home. It may represent an oven that heats your house or an outdoor campfire that keeps you warm at night. We believe that burning wood – regardless whether it is inside your house, outside in your backyard or at a campsite miles away from home – calls to our primal yearning for coziness and comfort. And these are often achieved through sharing space or time with people we care about - around the hearth.
Since the young age, we enjoyed building camp fires, cooking outdoors and handling red hot charcoals while enjoying anecdotes or scary stories around the fire. At Hearth World, we share this passion with numerous other lovers of the wood fire, and help them do so safely.
Like a hearth is the central point in a house, the customer is the focal point of all activities for us here at Hearth World. We are here to serve you, and our being is based on the following key principles:
Safety: Preparing wood for a fire and handling burning logs can be a dangerous exercise. Our products are designed to minimize the risks of these activities so that you can focus on the enjoyment that comes from being around a fire.
Quality: High quality fire wood handling products work safely, help achieve the desired outcome efficiently and last for years to come without compromising safety and efficiency. We test the products and sell only those that pass our inspections. Our standards are rigorous because we use what we sell in our own backyards while being together with our children and pets.
Utility: Our life philosophy is too short to spend more time working on preparing the fire rather than enjoying it. And although there are hundreds tools that can get job done, some are more useful than the others. We pick those products that reflect the principle of maximizing the utility from your efforts so you spend more time enjoying the warmth of your hearth.
Service: We listen. We are available to answer your questions. We deliver on time. Please tell us how we can make your experience at the website and while using our products perfect.