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Fire Starter on the Wrist – A Must Have Survival Bracelet

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Whether you are a camping enthusiast, hiker, hunter, fisherman or sailor, HearthWorld’s fire starter on the wrist is something you’d want to own. Light and compact, the bracelet is an essential accessory that combines several tools, which can be extremely useful in emergency. And it is a unisex decoration in daily life.

The bracelet is made of durable plastic, cord, magnesium flint and stainless steel mini-saw. It is about ¾ of an inch wide and up to 10 inches in length. The cord is a high quality string often referred to as paracord because, as the name implies, it is used in parachute or paragliding activities. It is extremely strong and is capable of supporting weight of up to 550 lbs. When untied, the cord is about 13 feet long.

The bracelet has a built-in whistle, allowing one to create noise in case of emergency. The whistle can help rescuers locate a person.

The band also has a miniature knife with sharp saw-like teeth. The knife can be helpful in cutting something in case of emergency, sharpening wood objects or create firewood shavings to start a fire.

The bracelet also has magnesium flint, which when stroke by the knife, generates sparks that can be used to start a fire. If one gets caught in the woods without other means of starting a flame, this feature can be helpful in order to cook some food and boil or disinfect water.

The bracelet comes in army green or black colors. Depending on your color choice, it can easily complement your outdoor attire or it can be worn as a basic decorative accessory. We tested the bracelet, and it is comfortable to wear.

In order to start a fire, one needs to create sparks. The sparks appear when you strike sharp edge of the knife/mini saw against the magnesium flint. Always strike the knife against the flint away from your face, eyes and clothes.

 Apply the sparks against a piece of thin paper (e.g., napkin, tissue, etc.) or small bunch of dry grass (hay). Make sure the initial flame material is limited in quantity (so you can control the initial flame) and you start the fire on a flame-resistant surface, like flat rock.

When starting a fire, always have a plan for managing it. Have sufficient amount of water or dirt nearby to put it out quickly. For your own safety, never produce sparks in the close proximity to highly inflammable substances like gasoline.

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